Superpool’s Şehirde Oyun, has been prepared as a reference book for the City and Children Studies with the support of Bernard van Leer Foundation. Şehirde Oyun is a compilation of the views of world-renowned experts, some of whom were guests at our Urban Playspaces Conference. The book brings together 13 articles including Mine Göğüş Tan’s article summarizing the history of childhood, Simon Nicholson’s ‘Theory of Loose Parts’ and Helle Nebelong’s ‘Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained’ invites you to rethink with new perspectives this specific matter that may seem easy to deal with at first sight.

Client → Superpool
Designer → Erman Yılmaz & Gökçe Genç
Services → Book Design
Date → 02/2019
Editors →  Pelin Derviş & Selva Gürdoğan
Made possible by →  Bernard van Leer Foundation
ISBN →  978-87-93765-04-7
Printing → A4 Ofset
19,5 × 27 cm, 196 pp, Turkish, İstanbul